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Answers to Questions on Quiz Shows
What is the largest planet in our solar system?
The Sun - (Freeze Out)
What is the only US state beginning with the letter P?
Philadelphia - (15 to 1)
4 + 9
12 - (Rebound)
In alphabetical order which US state comes between Minnesota and Missouri?
North Carolina - (The Chase)
Pieces in a standard set of what game have a total of 168 spots?
Chess - (The Chase)
Maracanã is a station in what South American city?
Texas - (The Chase)
What word links an armed vehicle and a container for keeping fish?
PASS - (The Chase)
What E. Sussex town annually hosts the largest bonfire night?
Kent - (The Chase)
What decade did sweet rationing end after WW2?
30's - (The Chase)
What 6-letter word can mean one of the 5 basic tastes that can be sensed by humans, and a common British style of beer strongly flavoured with hops?
Lager - (The Chase)
Which Paris attraction originally had 1710 steps?
Arc de Triomphe - (The Chase)
In Greek myth which hero is said to have been killed, crushed under his own ship?
Nelson - (The Chase)
The Gobi desert crosses China and which other country?
Japan - (The Chase)
Cream Spot and 24 Spot are species of which flying insect?
Owl - (The Chase)
The Broads National Park is located in Norfolk and which other County?
Norfolk - (The Chase)
Over what distance is the Steeplechase run in an Olympics Athletics programme?
10 meters - (The Chase)
In 2002 which South American country won the World Cup for the 5th. Time?
South Africa - (The Chase)
Why is the moon NOT classed as a planet?
Its name is not a God - (The Chase)
Mswati III is the King of which African country?
Venezuela - (The Chase)
Chain, band and tenon are all types of what tool?
Hammer - (Mastermind)
Which John Bunyan novel features the Delectable Mountain?
Brokeback Mountain - (The Chase)
What unit of distance is 3.37 inches larger than a yard?
Hectare - (The Chase)
In alphabetical order which element comes between Tin and Tungsten?
Silicone - (The Chase)
In the sentence to test all the keys are working on a typewriter "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy ..." What?
Cow - (Mastermind)
Who became president of South Africa four years after being released from prison?
Pass - (Celebrity Mastermind)
What predecimal coin was worth two shillings and sixpence?
A Penny - (The Chase)
Which brewing company set up a book of records to settle trivia disputes in pubs?
Pass - (The Chase)
Moray and Conger are species of which long thin fish?
Tadpole - (Celebrity Mastermind)
The term 'Touché' acknowledging a hit is particularly associated with which sport?
Snooker - (Celebrity Mastermind)
Which celestial body have only 12 people walked on since 1969?
Antarctica - (Celebrity Mastermind)
How many pairs of ribs does a human have?
2 - (Celebrity Mastermind)
In geometry what is the common name for the solid figure whose sides are six equal squares?
Pass - (Celebrity Mastermind)
Which city was President John F Kennedy assassinated?
New York - (Celebrity Mastermind)
In Association Football who is the only player allowed to handle the ball during open play?
Referee - (Celebrity Mastermind)
In medicine, E.N.T. stands for Ear, Nose and what?
Testosterone - (Celebrity Mastermind)
Ham and bacon are normally cured from which meat?
Pass - (Celebrity Mastermind)
The Adriatic Sea and the Aegean Sea are arms of which larger sea?
Pass - (Celebrity Mastermind)
Countries beginning with A, T, L, or S.
Alaska - (Pointless Celebrities)
Which humped animal gives its name to a brown colour that's lighter than fawn?
Fox - (The Chase)
Which member of the crow family has a bald face?
Russell - (The Chase)
Which chess piece begins with the letter Q?
Pass - (The Chase)
Which county is located in the south west of England?
East Anglia - (The Chase)
Which planet in the universe is the only one with confirmed life?
Mars - (The Chase)
What's 7 x 12?
I don't know - (The Chase)
Which Scottish city do Dundonians come from?
Cardiff - (The Chase)
Which city was the temple known as the Parthenon built in the 5th Century BC
India - (The Chase)
Capital cities beginning with U, R, B, A, or N
Austria - (Celebrity Pointless)
Exmoor National Park stretches from Somerset into which other county? Devon -- West Sussex -- Suffolk
West Sussex - (Celebrity Eggheads)
Words ending in ...IBE
bible - (Pointless)
Which is the most northerly - Isle of Man, Jersey, Isle of Wight
Jersey - (Celebrity Eggheads)
What's 32 x 2?
Pass - (The Chase)
Count Arthur Strong
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